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1968 Pontiac Bonneville ambulance was used for race track emergencies

The Pick of the Day, a rare 1968 Pontiac Bonneville ambulance, is an oddball relic of motorsport history.   Now a half-century old, the emergency vehicle was used at Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona, where it transported many famous drivers after various stunts on the 1-mile oval, according to the Denver, Colorado, dealer advertising the ambulance on

them was the world’s most-famous motorcycle stunt rider, Evel Knievel, who was
probably better known for his crashes than his successful jumps.   The Pontiac ambulance apparently transported
Knievel after some mishap, as the story goes from the previous owner of the

There’s no documentation regarding the Knievel connection, the dealer notes, but it does make for a good story.


from its use at PIR (now named ISM Raceway in partnership with a technology
company), the massive ambulance is a rarity, with just 120 of them produced in
1968 by the Superior Coach Company of Lima, Ohio, and few of them still in

Cadillacs were more often seen in such livery service, but the Pontiac rivals them in dramatic appearance and sheer size, stretching out to around 20 feet long with an imposing raised roof festooned with warning lights.  Power is provided by a 400cid V8 and automatic transmission.

Just 22,688 miles are shown on the odometer, which are believed to be original, the seller adds, and all the flashing lights and the siren work properly.

ambulance does appear to be largely original, other than some refurbishment
mainly to the interior.   It looks ready
for its next patient, with a jump seat, cabinetry and a wooden stretcher in the

There are some gory-looking blood-transfusion bags hanging from hooks in the ceiling, serving as reminders that this vehicle was in the deadly serious business of saving lives.

A vintage ambulance, no matter how rare or how interesting its reputed history, is not on most collector’s radars other than those who specialize in such police, fire-department and emergency vehicles.  For them, this could be something of a gem.


asking price is $17,900.   

Although it is a Pontiac and not a Cadillac, the next owner still should be ready for constant Ghostbuster references whenever it’s taken out because of the resemblance. And because it looks ready for ectoplasmic duty.

To view this listing on, see Pick of the Day.

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