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My new M340i in Oxford Green Individual


check out my lovely 3 series in oxford green.

I’m very satisfied that i chose this color. I always wanted something unique.

The next steps will be mounting some M-Performance parts including the CF flaps on the front, CF diffuser, CF spoilerlip, M-steering wheel, maybe later the performance brakes and of course 20 inch wheels such as (hopefully sooner or later) the KW V3 suspension.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do!

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M8 Gran Coupe Individual Paint Order Promotion Limited offering – US Market

BMW M has prepared a new Special Order Paint Promotion (490) for the M8 Gran Coupe (F93). As part of this promotion, they will be offering 490 ( Special Order) paint at no additional cost for all M8 Gran Coupe production within the months of March – September.

Below is an overview of the colors that are being made available as part of this promotion.

The double-coated special colors ‘Rosso Corsa’ and ‘Speed Yellow’ are limited in availability and will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Nardo Grey M8 Competition Coupe here!

Picked up my 2020 M8 Competition coupe in Individual Nardo Grey a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting to post until I had better pictures but I can’t wait anymore!

I was also planning on waiting until spring to get out of my X6M and into this but was contacted by Ted Lindner at BMW of Topeka (yes, Kansas) who reached out to me through this forum to see if I was interested in pursuing a purchase. I explained that I had seen a Nardo Grey one advertised in another state that looked amazing. I know some feel the the color is “played out” but I have always thought it was great and that it would contrast well with the carbon fiber exterior package…an option I knew I wanted.

Long story short, Ted and his associates were awesome to work with and we reached a deal. He was able to bring the car in and I couldn’t be more excited! Black interior, nearly every option (except night vision) including carbon ceramic brakes, B&W sound, etc.

I haven’t had too much time to really get out and run her due to the weather…put some winter tires on it and I’m obeying the break in procedures. I can say that the power is amazing and the car is just a beast! It is my 5th M car, with 2 M6’s in my past, and the most insane yet from a speed/power standpoint.

I will update with more pictures when they are available. If anyone needs one (I think everyone does!) I would highly recommend Ted and can give out his contact information via PM if needed.

Additional pics added!

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Some photos from the shoot by my Ceramic Coat and tint installer.

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Delivery of my Twilight Purple M340i!

So after driving my F80 Jahre M3 the last 3 years in NYC, and my lease ending in December, I decided to order an m340 instead but wanted it to be special. At first wanted tanzanite blue, because that’s what I wanted my M3 to be before I was offered a deal I couldn’t resist on the Jahre, and then I realized an individual color was only an additional $2500 more than Tanzanite on the M340i.

I had seen an M4 on the forum in twilight purple and fell in love with it, I wound up placing my order in mid October, and just took delivery today.

Here’s a few pics my lease broker who’s a good friend of mine took today when it was dropped off.

A few more exterior mods to come when I get to drop off the car at oneighty, and I’ll update my original post with it.

The color is absolutely stunning and beautiful in person and it pops in the sunlight perfectly. The front of the car with the color looks super aggressive and I love the way the color looks at all angles..very excited to be part of the G20 community.[IMG][/IMG]

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Skittles ///M Cars Photoshoot

M Power Club (MPC) UK decided to organise a Christmas shoot, codenamed the “Skittles” shoot and masterminded by Yemi, a true BMW enthusiast

The vision was to get as many colour F8X M cars and the result was stunning. Photography was carried out by loyal members Musa and Prabh who managed to capture all the cars in their full glory.

MPC managed to get Fire Orange, San Marino blue, Yas Marina blue, Daytona Violet, Alpine White, Mineral White, Silverstone blue, Sakhir Orange, Austin Yellow, Verde Mantis Green, Mineral Grey and Black Sapphire all in one place at the same time.

Yemi had planned 3 locations beginning with a service station and wine estate before ending the day in London where the money shot was taken by Musa at Haymarket (3rd picture)

We hope you enjoy the pictures and flurry of colour that was on display on the day of the photoshoot

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2011 e92 M3 color change from Night Blue to Marina Bay Blue Individual

I purchased the car in June 2010 with individual night blue exterior over individual rust brown interior and was initially very satisfied with the color choices. Over time, I have become dissatisfied with the night blue as it appears to be black most of the time. The car has to be very clean and in bright sunshine for the deep blue to be visible.

This is a link to my first post re the car in 2010.


As I wished to keep the car because of its excellent condition and the normally aspirated V8, I decided on a color change. Also, the F82 M4 did not interest me because of the turbocharged 6 and its styling.

When the new M5 was introduced with the marina bay blue color, I decided to have a restoration level paint job done in that color.

Attached are images displaying the original night blue, disassembly, primer stage, finished paint prior to polishing, and the final product.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the result.

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G80 M3 interior/exterior colors and seat details


Originally Posted by evanescent03
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5 actual colors in addition to shades of grey/white/black…. definitely more interesting options than the f80 had initially … are the colors better? that’s questionable but definitely a wider range instead of the YMB, SO, AY all of which were quite bright.

What are you hoping for as individual?

Wider range I agree with, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a better palette in terms of the actual color choices…….at least not without seeing them first, and especially absent a really awesome blue (..e.g. Estoril for the E36, Laguna Seca for the E46, Interlagos for the E9X and Yas Marina for the F8X).

As for my Individual hopes…..

….I suppose there’s not any one color I have in mind yet, but I just would like the option to go with something other than white, black, boring regular 3 Series’ blues, yellow, red or dark green. I would probably consider Porsche’s Fashion or Chalk grays (…which are the two colors that I want on the GT3 I’ll eventually purchase). I likely wouldn’t do any color that I’ve already had, so Alpine White (too many times to count), Phoenix Yellow, Interlagos Blue (twice: my ’05 ZCP M3 and my ’08 E9X M3 sedan), Mystic Blue, Yas Marina Blue, Black Sapphire Metallic, and Nardo Gray are all ruled out.

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