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2020 BMW M235i Gran Coupe Reviews Compilation

The 1 Series was that nimble, budget friendly, RWD (with true xDrive if you need it) enthusiast little car. It never made it in North America. Shame!

The 2 Series supposed to be that replacement for over the pond people, even if we never got that hot hatchback.

Now, the 2 Series (except the Coupe) is a nowhere design wannabe that brings nothing new to the table and has no BMW ingredients. Shame!

They are pushing, screaming and defending their new design language all over, yet, they are deaf to peoples reaction. Good for you BMW, sometimes a wakeup call is need it. Except some will go for good…

VW/Audi group is happy… believe me.

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F96 X6M in Donington Grey video

Thanks for posting, OP.

I have been “patiently” waiting for media with the X6MC in a lighter color to see the lines better that the darker colors show. The Urban/Manhattan green didn’t attract my eye that well.

My current gen X6M has the same color scheme as the one featured in this video, so I won’t be going with the same when it’s time to spec one of these late next year, but I’m ready to experience the new interior NOW

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BMW E30 320is with 10,000 RPM sounds sick

2.0l naturally aspirated S14 Engine screams at 10,000RPM

This is Patrick Orth´s BMW 320is E30 and it is not only one of the best sounding BMW´s in the German Berg-Cup series, but also one of the fastest. Masterfully driven, this 2.0L Naturally Aspirated S14 Engined Monster is producing a sonorous 315Hp/10.000Rpm distributed to the rear wheels through a Tractive 6-Speed Gerbox to move the 835Kg Classic machine.

Tuned by GERENT Rennsporttechnik, it is pretty much the “BMW Motorsport Purists” dream, combining a highly strung, NA version of the Legendary S14 powerplant with lightweight dynamics devoid of any Electronic assists and just dependant of the driver´s skill. And on that Department, Mr. Orth, certainly doesn´t leave anything on the table.

This was also probably the last Season this Monster has raced in its 2.0L version. The engine is being sold and rumours are that during this year a new 2.5L NA unit will be installed. Should be interesting….

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M2 Competition full race build

M2 build

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M2 Competition full race build


2020 M2 competition I’m building.
I have most of the car stripped minus dash.
Build will include full race suspension, carbon fenders, doors, hood, trunk, roof and fenders. Full roll cage, stoptech, pfc pads, mcs 4way and much more.

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My first photo shoot with my Twilight Purple M340i

So a few days after getting my car, I left my car at ONEighty as they’ve always taken care of me and my cars, since me and the owner go years back.

I had the following installed on my car, with more future things planned as well:

Install black front grill
Install black bumper trim
Install iND color matched front/rear reflectors and mirror caps
Install OEM M Performance side skirts, front lip and carbon fiber spoiler
NDVinyls wrapped my roof in carbon fiber vinyl
NDVinyls made all BMW emblems black and white
ONEighty Powdercoated the exhaust ‘tips’ black
ONEighty Painted calipers in acid green
Tinted the windows 20%
Hardwire dashcam and radar detector
Installed ONEighty front and rear wheel spacers

Future plans include a downpipe, tune, exhaust, springs, painted headlights

Enjoy the pics!

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X3M X4M gets iDrive 7 starting April

From Bimmertoday (German)


Last autumn, the iDrive system in BMW X3 G01 and X4 G02 was brought to the current OS 7.0 without much ado, and now the M models F97 and F98 are following: From April 2020, the power SUV BMW X3 M and X4 M a major infotainment update. As with the 5 Series, the facelift is not waited for, instead the changeover is carried out without any noticeable changes as a model maintenance measure with the new model year.

In addition to the new iDrive technology on the infotainment display, the change to OS 7.0 also means a new look for the instrument display. We can already guess what the display behind the steering wheel will look like from the example of the big brothers X5 M and X6 M. Our little graphic gimmick already shows the displays there with the logo of the BMW X3 M, because apart from the model designation, the X3 M and X4 M are likely to continue to use the digital speedometers of the big brothers. It remains to be seen whether the two power SUVs will also receive the new M setup logic that was introduced with the M8.

The objectively more important changes, however, take place on the central infotainment display, where the BMW Live Cockpit ConnectedDrive ensures that the tile design of the previously installed system is abandoned. Also completely new is the voice control, which can be activated with the push of a button using “Hey BMW”. The activation word BMW can also be replaced by any other word if the driver would like to address the digital assistant with a different name.

Various pads with live content can be placed relatively freely on the large infotainment display, so that each customer can adapt the system to their own preferences. Just like before, all functions can be controlled both by iDrive controller and by touching the touch screen. Gesture control is also available for some other functions, which works with simple hand movements in the area in front of the display.

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