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Joe Achilles back with another great F90 M5 Competition review..


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When I asked my SA about ordering a set for my comp, he said it’s for non-comp models only. The only cars I’ve seen it installed on is FE and non-comp. I’m guessing that guy was fed wrong info. says your guy was right, but BMW has disabled access to their official ETK on the German website so I cannot verify as realoem’s database is from 3/2019 so there could have been changes.

The springs were released before the Comp model so BMW had likely developed them on a base model at that time and did not bother with approving them for Competition models in Europe. Just like the wheels are M8-only wheels too, but they have the same specs as any other F90 wheels.

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BM3 Initial Review and Stage 1 + 2 Dragy Testing

i have some Dragy testing data I wanted to share with everyone from doing some BM3 beta testing on my M5. I had bootmod3 on my F80 M3 Comp for 2 years and I really liked the platform. I have used a lot of tuners/ tuning platforms in the last 15 years ranging from old school EEPROM burns to ProEFI and Syvecs full standalone ECUs.

Things that brought me back to BM3 second time around:

Internal Logging – anyone who’s custom remote tuned before knows logging is a PITA. you go out do a pull, connect to the device, pull the log, email the log to tuner, wait for revision. in BM3 you just double click to start and double click to stop and the log sits on the cloud and can be viewed by you and your tuner or shared with car buddies via link. Viewing/ Trimming the logs is very easy and clean too, can be done on computer or mobile. You click on the fields to show/hide them to make log easier to read.

after log is complete, you can label it to keep track of what it corresponds to, so that you can easily go back and compare to previous ones.

Fast Flashing – the initial flash takes about 5-6 minutes all in because it has to do the ECU unlocks and there are 2 ECUs in this car. The subsequent map change flashes take 2-3 minutes, again dual ECUs. Both are fast, so changing between 93 and E30 is quick at a gas station.

Below you can see all the maps I have tested for Pump gas for example. They are all available for me to flash unless deleted.

OBD WiFi Agent – this feature is awesome. Allows to log and flash using my cell phone, without needing a laptop. A good thing for someone looking to jump back and forth between pump and race fuel maps. Lately I have only been using this to log and flash.

User Adjustments – I haven’t played with this in the M5 yet, but I used to in my M3. I would go in the settings and easily turn boost down in 1st and 2nd gears in the winter time for better traction. Things like turning cold start on and off are easy to do also.

I’ve had the M5 for about 2 months now and the best i got out of stock was a 10.84@127.5 MPH at the track with a crazy fast 1.59 60ft. Best It would do on the street was 11.1 with passenger 11.0 without around 125-126 MPH. The rest of my testing was done on the street. I have done stock, stage 1 93, stage 1 E30 and stage 2 E30 with catless primaries and secondaries.

So 10.45 @ 134.8 MPH and a 60-130 of 6.82 was the best I was able to get on completely stock hardware and just tune changes. It’s cold up here so I was struggling with consistency on launching the car, sometimes it would work, sometimes it it would just shut the lc down form wheel spin. I swapped the summers out for Michelin AS3+ 285/35/20 all around and now I’m cutting consistent 1.62 – 1.65 60fts in the cold. I also swapped all 4 downpipes to ER catless ones. I was originally only going to do the primaries, but after talking to several guys it seemed like all the faster cars had all 4 done. My friend had a set of lowers, so I bought them from him and put them on last weekend. The job took me about 5.5 hours, but doing it again I think I could do it in 3.5-4 hours.

And the result is new PB of 10.21 @136.xx and new 60-130 PB of 6.49, 0-60MPH in 2.56 with no roll out and 2.37 with 1-ft rollout which is how the magazines time these.

Now were are still in the process of finalizing the stage 2 tune, I am hoping to maybe see 10.1x from it and low 6s 60-130.

1/24/2020 UPDATE: Slight improvement to 60-130 on V2 E30 Beta file

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Behind the scenes at the BMW Performance Center with the F90

Hi guys.

I was recently invited down to the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina to shoot the action as it happens throughout a typical day there.

Some of you may know me from my E92 days, and I’ve decided to put this here in the hopes that you may pick up your new F90 at the PDC, and that’s the car most featured there right now.

As you might guess, a typical day at the PDC beats any other by a mile.

Now there are a ton of photographers out there, and many specialize in cars, but I have a unique love for BMW (I’m on my fourth), so this shoot in particular meant quite a lot.

You can find additional work from the shoot, along with tutorials, at…rmance-center/

Below is a compilation of images from my four-day shoot.

Day 1 – Campus walk around and shooting the M2 and M340i.

The first thing you notice about the PDC is that it’s built specifically for one thing – driving BMWs as fast as you can. If you’re expecting a big dealership, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The lobby welcomes you with what is usually someone’s new baby, ready for delivery.

After walking around the paddock area (where you’ll see more M cars together than any place else aside from MPACT) the track was closed off, and I was able to shoot an M2 and M340i without the concern of roaring cars behind me. There are so many great areas like the wet skid pad, and long straightaway with zipper barrier, to use as a backdrop.

If you’ve never seen me light paint, it’s an experience, and I went back once the sun set for a session with an Austin Yellow M4 and Magellan Gray M760i under the stars. The area by the trailer was of particular interest: I’ve never seen so many PS4’s or 666 M wheels together in one place, and the PDC goes through thousands in a calendar year. This was my favorite part of the entire shoot – to be able to come here at night after hours is something very few people get to experience.

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Day 2 – M School, old school, and the Instructors

We start with a closed morning session of instructors drifting on the wet skid pad in an M2 and M5.

Perhaps some of you reading this have been to and participated in a class – if so, you know how awesome the instructors are. Able to consistently place any car on a dime, over and over again, during a controlled drift is not easy, but they make it seem so. It’s clear they love what they do, and being mere feet from an M5 as it drifts past my lens and gets me with water spray is a huge rush.

We move on to capture some shots with a special guest of some importance: an E39 M5 from BMW’s private collection. I ask Matt, the head instructor, if it’s ok to drift it, since the tires are original. He just smiles. The E39 at full tilt sounds more mechanical than the booming sounds of the F90, and it was fun to compare both in the flesh as they drove together down the track.

After I capture everything I need here, the instructors move on to M School, and I become a fly on the wall. Almost everyone gestures with their hands to mimic their recent driving experience, sliding and pulling their arms about. Everyone gets to experience the cars in a manner they are comfortable with, but almost everyone is pushing their M4s and M5s to the limit by the end of the day.

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Day 3 – Sunrise with the M850i and the M5 around Greenville.

We start the day with the M850i, and I’m surprised just how good the car sounds and feels. The M8 is really going to be something special. I’m usually behind the lens, but sometimes I get to move the cars around, and who am I to turn down taking the long way around the track with one of these.

Some time is spent with Motorcycle classes, and more M School, but the evening brings another special treat – taking out an M5 in the area of Greenville for another photo shoot. I chose Marina Bay Blue both to offset the orange of fall, and to honor my Interlagos Blue M3, which has always been a favorite shade of mine. Another was also brought out in the school livery, and that drew quite a bit of attention around town. “They let you drive them, on the track?!”, was the typical response.

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Day 4 – Road Tours and a special kid

The last day involved a shoot in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, so I had to take the M5 about an hour out from the PDC. Needless to say, I fell in love with the car.

I’ve been in a ton of M cars, so it’s easy to become jaded, but the F90 really is something special, and it’s effortless to get up to speed. It’s comfortable, capable, and I imagine it makes the perfect daily.

Once in the mountains, I shoot multiple passes for some photo ops, and also shoot the natural landscape. I’m from New Jersey, so the scenery from up here is truly unique from my normal urban NYC surroundings.

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We head back through country roads, where again the M5 comes alive despite its size. M cars all share this trait – the faster you drive them, the smaller they feel. That’s what always makes them so special to me.

Once back at the PDC, I begin to wrap up my shoot with a final walk around the paddock area. A shy-looking kid, maybe 15, walks up to me while here and asks if he can look around. Sure kid, have at it. He looks on in amazement at the F90 parked nearby, and tells me he’s never seen one before in person. That’s shocking to me, I see them every day in North Jersey. He then says that he loves cars, and BMWs in particular, and wonders how he can be around them every day for a living. He reminded me of myself at that age, and I give him some advice on a career path to photography and design. It was a nice moment for me, and a good reminder that I’m truly blessed to get these opportunities.

If you guys have the chance, take a class, or a delivery here – it’s everything you expect and much more.

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2020 M5 Competition Build Complete

After months of research, planning, ordering, and waiting with tons of help from many people on this board and especially Justin and crew at Auto Talent we were able to complete this build in just over a week.

Thanks guys for all the emails and PM’s with more than a few questions: @Shoei, Vic55, Limeypride, pjdizzle94, F90_ftw, FSociety, Pazzo009, and many more.

2020 M5 Competition Specs:
Marina Bay Blue
Black Full Merino Leather
Driving Assistance Plus
Executive Package
Bowers and Wilkens
Carbon Ceramic Brakes
M Drivers Package
Carbon Fiber Side Blades/Mirrors/Side Grilles/Front Grills
Rear Spoiler Carbon Pro

Aftermarket Parts:
Remus Catback with Carbon Tips
GruppeM Intake
HRE P104SC 21” Satin Black
Michelin PS4S: 275/30/21 – 295/30/21
IND Front Painted Reflectors
RKP Rear Diffuser (on backorder)
H&R 550xi Springs
Full PPF and Ceramic Coating
30% Window Tint (Sides/back) and 70% on Front (Kinda wishing I went with 20 or 25)

Car only has about 400 miles on it. After 1,200 mile service I’ll be adding Keller Downpipes and a piggy or tune.

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