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M8 Gran Coupe Individual Paint Order Promotion Limited offering – US Market

BMW M has prepared a new Special Order Paint Promotion (490) for the M8 Gran Coupe (F93). As part of this promotion, they will be offering 490 ( Special Order) paint at no additional cost for all M8 Gran Coupe production within the months of March – September.

Below is an overview of the colors that are being made available as part of this promotion.

The double-coated special colors ‘Rosso Corsa’ and ‘Speed Yellow’ are limited in availability and will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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BMW Individual, BMW News, F92, F93, M8

Nardo Grey M8 Competition Coupe here!

Picked up my 2020 M8 Competition coupe in Individual Nardo Grey a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting to post until I had better pictures but I can’t wait anymore!

I was also planning on waiting until spring to get out of my X6M and into this but was contacted by Ted Lindner at BMW of Topeka (yes, Kansas) who reached out to me through this forum to see if I was interested in pursuing a purchase. I explained that I had seen a Nardo Grey one advertised in another state that looked amazing. I know some feel the the color is “played out” but I have always thought it was great and that it would contrast well with the carbon fiber exterior package…an option I knew I wanted.

Long story short, Ted and his associates were awesome to work with and we reached a deal. He was able to bring the car in and I couldn’t be more excited! Black interior, nearly every option (except night vision) including carbon ceramic brakes, B&W sound, etc.

I haven’t had too much time to really get out and run her due to the weather…put some winter tires on it and I’m obeying the break in procedures. I can say that the power is amazing and the car is just a beast! It is my 5th M car, with 2 M6’s in my past, and the most insane yet from a speed/power standpoint.

I will update with more pictures when they are available. If anyone needs one (I think everyone does!) I would highly recommend Ted and can give out his contact information via PM if needed.

Additional pics added!

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Some photos from the shoot by my Ceramic Coat and tint installer.

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Straight pipes M8 convertible review , in the snow!


Originally Posted by joshuastein55

Yeah, especially since Mercedes is preparing to release a new flagship trim for AMG, the 73, and it will likely be on the AMG GT Coupe and 4-Door. Apparently it will have the 63 drivetrain (bi-turbo 4L V8) and will be paired to a hybrid/electric drivetrain/motor and will likely make 700hp!

I’d love to see M start taking some more risks or being more creative with their engines again, similar to the bangle era with the V10 M5/6
and V8 M3, I don’t really care for them making electronic brakes and more and more items to configure with drive modes.

Really look forward to more high-performance hybrid powertrains but am concerned about weight. Hybrids usually add more weight.
AMG has made huge strides with their GT 2 door models being fun performance cars carving corners on the track and on the road rather than being straight line rockets.

All these 4 door models (GT63s, M5, E63s) as well as the M8 are just getting too heavy. I really like how our M8 rides but our AMG GTC easily out handles it

The other news is AWD coming to virtually all AMG’s, including the next GT 2doors…

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