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BMW X7 Pickup on display at The Welt!


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What an abomination. If they want to destroy the X5/X7 reputation by creating a double entendre, by all means. But if they truly want to enter the luxury pickup market, or create one for that matter, they will need to be original instead of hacking the body of an already established SUV. It’s been tried several times before, by American truck brands no less, with major failure.

Key point now could be that a large majority of luxury car owners would never buy an American car or truck.

I know tons of people who would spend 90k+ on a Tesla or European car but wouldn’t even consider spending 40k on a truck, especially if it’s American.

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BMW News, G07, Tuned, X7

Alpina XB7 Super SUV Spied!


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there’s a market for one. Meanwhile I’m here dreaming of a Alpina XB5, although I’d also like a V12 X5

Oh, there is a market for sure.
One of my local dealer sold 15 unit X7 50i in the week it was launched.

The salesperson said it is to replace the fleet of chartered Escalade.

And that was only the initial order. Lol.

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