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Next Gen BMW M3 G80 prototype breaks cover!

And here we go… we share with you spy photos of the G80 M3 prototype!

September info update from ynguldyn:

  • Colors: Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Dravit Grey, Portimao Blue, Tanzanite Blue, Isle of Man Green, Sao Paolo Yellow, Toronto Red. Interiors: black, orange/black, blue/black (merino leather, partial or full).
  • The M specific sport seats will be standard, but there will also be optional CF bucket seats (seen in spy photos below), available also in the U.S.
  • Speaking of carbon fiber, there’ll be much more CF trim available without the need to go to the performance catalog.

August info update from ynguldyn:

My current understanding of the G80 situation (lots of it is educated guessing so don’t give it your full confidence please):

  • Initially, BMW planned to offer three models, positioned at 450ps (Pure), 480ps (base), and 510ps (Competition) (note that I’m using metric horsepower just like Flasch did in his recent interview). Pure would be RWD only, while the other two models would offer a choice of RWD and AWD. Early this year, the decision was made to cut the configuration planned as the base model, and adjust “Pure” to take its place. This also involved bumping the output of Pure’s engine to 480ps but not changing the actual drivetrain configuration – it was just a DME tune. With that, we were left with the RWD only 480ps M3 and the 510ps M3 Competition and M3 Competition M xDrive (now say that 20 times). I haven’t found anything that would describe the interplay between manual vs auto and RWD vs AWD, but it is likely that automatics will be offered for all configurations, while manuals will only be available on the two RWD versions.
  • Everything that’s happening with G80 is also true for G82 but not G83. The latter will not offer as much choice, likely sticking to a single model.

July 2019 update from ynguldyn:

  • And I’m taking the “no manuals” position for G8x and all G22 based on the limited and inconclusive info I have right now. [See post]

May 2019 info update from ynguldyn:

  • I am withdrawing most of my forecasting on G8x M3/M4. It appears the lineup has been significantly reshuffled, with at least one version cancelled for production. Furthermore, I can’t figure out the new situation well enough to describe it in detail. Therefore, I can no longer guarantee neither RWD nor manual models. All I know is that there will be M3/M4 and M3/M4 Competition, and that there will be more separation between regular and Competition models than before. Everything else is a mystery to me now. BMW, you win a point here.

G80 M3 advanced info (as of February 2019) from trusty BIMMERPOST member ynguldyn:

  • Starts production in 2020 (more likely later in the year).
  • Three performance levels: 444hp (Pure), 475hp (“base”), and 500hp (Competition).
  • Some versions will have RWD, others xDrive; both manual and automatic transmissions will be available. The reports that it will be Pure+manual+RWD, base+auto+xDrive, and Competition+auto+xDrive seem plausible but I don’t yet want to claim that no other combos will be available.
  • Pure and base will have 18″ front and 19″ rear wheels; Competition will have 19″/20″ as standard (optional on the other models).
  • Standard equipment for all models will include M diff, adaptive suspension, M seats, Live dashboard.
  • Optional equipment will be pretty much the same as the regular G20, with the notable additions of carbon ceramic brakes (possibly not available on Pure), carbon bucket seats (likely not in the U.S.) and of course Merino leather, including full leather interiors.
  • Per Scott26: the G80 M3 and G82 M4 will share the same front ends with larger and taller kidney grilles
  • Debuts September at 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show

Updated November 14, 2019

The G80 M3 camouflage has advanced to the next stage, with the production body underneath. Seen now are the production headlights, M mirrors, side skirts, wheels, exhaust. The production rear has already been leaked recently, as well as the front grille design.

Updated November 4, 2019

Manual transmission G80 M3 footage.

Updated October 24, 2019

G80 M3 drifts a bit on the Ring.

Updated October 14, 2019
Latest G80 prototype hustling around the Nurburgring.

Updated September 19, 2019

Latest footage from G80 M3 testing at the Nurburgring.

Updated September 12, 2019

The G80 M3 camouflage continues to change, this time revealing a never before seen grille slats design. These grilles do not seem very likely as the final design however, as they remain so rough around the edges with overly large spacing between slats. Despite being unlikely the production slats design, the overall grille styling continues to show large vertical kidney grilles, as confirmed by the 4 Series Coupe Concept (with which the G80 M3 and G82 M4 will share a similar grille design).

Updated September 4, 2019

We bring you the first full look at the carbon fiber G80 M3 bucket seats! ynguldyn confirms that these CF bucket seats will an option in all markets.

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Updated August 29, 2019

Newest sighting from Spain reveals more of the G80 M3 front end and grilles, via….php?t=1648024

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Updated July 23, 2019

Newest spy video from the Nurburgring.

Updated June 2, 2019

Latest video of the G80 M3 testing at the Nurburgring.

Updated May 16, 2019

We give you the first peek at the G80 M3’s front seats, which look to be the sportiest factory seats yet in any BMW! As you can see, there will be cutouts in the seatback for a quick fit harness.

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Updated May 13, 2019

Here is the first spied look at the G80 M3 interior. It features the new digital gauge display revealed and demoed last week in the upcoming M8.

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Updated May 7, 2019

We bring you the latest sighting of the G80 M3 prototype, this time with a production rear bumper. We also get the best look yet at the large vertical kidney grilles, which it will share with the G82 M4. Finally, we have the first undercarriage shots!

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Updated April 16, 2019

New video with extensive G80 M3 footage.

Updated April 15, 2019

Some new shots of the G80 M3 prototype sporting a high rear trunk spoiler and M Carbon Ceramic Brakes.

Updated March 21, 2019

G80 M3 prototypes are busy these days! Here it is out testing against the F82 M4.

Updated March 8, 2019

Latest sighting in Sweden.

Updated February 6, 2019

The G80 M3 drops some camouflage. However, it still does not feature certain M parts (carbon fiber roof, M mirrors, side skirts, hood bump), which we’ll surely see on later prototypes. Check out how much wider those fenders are than the standard G20 3 Series!

Updated October 9, 2018

The G80 M3 prototype drops some camouflage as it was spotted today at the Nurburgring. At its current testing stage, it’s yet to be fitted with many of its expected M bits – carbon fiber roof, M mirrors, side skirts, hood bump. The prototype can be seen riding on Pirelli P Zero tires (285/30/20 rear).

Updated March 27, 2018

The G80 M3 has finally hit the Nurburgring and the test drivers definitely weren’t taking it easy on the G80 for its first time out.

Updated February 1, 2018

The G80 M3 prototype as spied during cold climate testing in Northern Sweden.

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Updated December 18, 2017

We have added the newest photos of the G80 M3 prototype, including the first front views, which shows how flared the fenders are.

Original post December 8, 2017

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G80 M3 interior/exterior colors and seat details


Originally Posted by evanescent03
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5 actual colors in addition to shades of grey/white/black…. definitely more interesting options than the f80 had initially … are the colors better? that’s questionable but definitely a wider range instead of the YMB, SO, AY all of which were quite bright.

What are you hoping for as individual?

Wider range I agree with, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a better palette in terms of the actual color choices…….at least not without seeing them first, and especially absent a really awesome blue (..e.g. Estoril for the E36, Laguna Seca for the E46, Interlagos for the E9X and Yas Marina for the F8X).

As for my Individual hopes…..

….I suppose there’s not any one color I have in mind yet, but I just would like the option to go with something other than white, black, boring regular 3 Series’ blues, yellow, red or dark green. I would probably consider Porsche’s Fashion or Chalk grays (…which are the two colors that I want on the GT3 I’ll eventually purchase). I likely wouldn’t do any color that I’ve already had, so Alpine White (too many times to count), Phoenix Yellow, Interlagos Blue (twice: my ’05 ZCP M3 and my ’08 E9X M3 sedan), Mystic Blue, Yas Marina Blue, Black Sapphire Metallic, and Nardo Gray are all ruled out.

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