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M2 Competition full race build

M2 build

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M2 Competition full race build


2020 M2 competition I’m building.
I have most of the car stripped minus dash.
Build will include full race suspension, carbon fenders, doors, hood, trunk, roof and fenders. Full roll cage, stoptech, pfc pads, mcs 4way and much more.

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UFGTRS 2019 M2 competition build- 1 Year Journey

2019 M2 Competition, BSM, DCT.

Special thanks to Ryan @IND, Ken Mori @ Dent Dominator, Mike @ Midwest Premier Transport, Britney @ BMWPARTSPROS, Ahmed @ VividRacing, and getbmwparts for helping me with my build.


HRE R101 LW F: 19X9.5 R: 19 X10. Stone clear.
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S F: 255/35/19 R: 275/35/19
M performance carbon fiber hood
M performance CF Trunk
M performance CF fenders
M Performance CF winglets
M CF Front Splitter
RKP CF roof
M performance CF mirror caps.
M performance CF rear diffuser
IND Front painted reflectors
Acexxon F87 M2 Rear Reflector Insert Set (Honeycomb)
IND keyhole cover
OE blackline taillights
Pinnacle Stratos 40 tint

M performance carbon fiber engine cover
Akrapovic evolution exhaust

Uniden R7 hardwired/blend-mount
M performance pedal set
M Performance Carbon + Alcantara Interior Kit
IND M1/M2 matte red SW button
M matte CF steering wheel trim
IND floor mat set
IND Alcantara/blue stitch knee pad
IND Alcantara stitched armrest

It’s been almost one year since I purchased my 2019 BSM M2C. My initial plan was to not modify the car except for possibly an exhaust and other minor modifications, as I think the car is already excellent from the factory, but unforeseen events changed all of that.

One of the interesting points of this journey began with me flying to Appleton Wisconsin on January 25th, 2019 to purchase a 2012 M3 competition. I sold my 2013 E92 M3 in August of 2018 and regretted that decision immediately, so I searched for a replacement and located a Melbourne Red E92 in Wisconsin. I flew to Appleton to purchase the car with a plan to drive it back to Raleigh North Carolina. Upon inspection however, I was not happy with the condition of the car and decided not to buy it. The dealer had two new 2018 M2s that were nicely discounted and sitting at the front entrance, but I had seen the M2 competition at the LA auto Show in December and was thinking of doing European delivery in the summer on a M2C. I asked my CA, “do you have any M2 competitions?” At that point, I was already searching on Expedia for a flight home. He said, “I may have one,” as he searched through his inventory sheet. I didn’t think he would have one as I didn’t see any on the lot and the M2Cs were hard to find. He confirmed that he had one; I remember asking, “is it here or en route?” with excitement. He pulled the car into the service bay; it was covered in snow, a fully optioned black DCT M2C with black competition wheels. It was also discounted to my surprise, so I decided to buy it. I completed the paperwork and was out the door in about an hour.

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It was blistering cold in Wisconsin with temperatures in the -15 to -3 degree range as the northern polar vortex was afflicting the entire region. I began my drive back to Raleigh and encountered heavy snow in Indiana on summer tires (Yikes!!!!!). I was barely able to reach the parking lot of a hotel that luckily had availability. I spent the night and completed a fun uneventful drive the next day.

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Fast forward to the afternoon of Monday May 13th, we were hit by what was described as a microburst of activity, bringing with it what felt like 60+ MPH wind and baseball size hail. My M2 Competition was destroyed; hood, roof, A + C pillars, doors, quarter panels. I was hoping for a replacement but insurance would not total it.

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Ken Mori, owner of dent dominator, did an amazing job by removing all of the hail damage on the fenders, trunk, doors, A+C pillars and the rear quarters, with plans to replace the hood and roof. Needing to replace the hood and roof, and seeing the fantastic work IND has done for our cars and community, I decided to go all in and despite having the fenders and trunk repaired, I shipped my car to IND to have the BMW carbon fiber hood, CF trunk, and CF fenders painted and installed, along with the RKP carbon fiber roof.

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M2 CS at 2020 Brussels Auto show (Misano Blue Metallic – black wheels – red calipers)


Originally Posted by BishUK

Strange the car is wearing the MPerformance Matt black 763s and not the rightful M2CS gloss black 763s without the MPerformance stamping.

I had noticed the same.

As pointed out in the past, the 19″ (F) + 20″ (R) 763M wheels on the M3 CS and M4 CS don’t feature the ///M Performance Parts logo embossed and got an ‘Orbit Grey’ finish. We knew that the M2 CS is made available with the 19″ (F+R) 763M wheels in ‘Jet Black’ or ‘Gold Matt’ finish and equally without the MPP logo embossed.

The M2 CS on display at the Brussels Auto Show appears to feature a set of ‘Black Matt’ M2 MPP wheels with MPP logo embossed near the valve stems, rather than the (glossy) ‘Jet Black’ M2 CS wheels without MPP logo embossed. So, technically, the car on display in Brussels as we speak, is an M2 CS without the OEM M2 CS wheels. Weird.

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Compare with black 763M wheels on an M2 CS recently spotted by forum fellow MR. in the UK: jet black finish + no MPP logo embossed:
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Compare with 763M wheels on an M2 CS spotted at the LA Auto Show last November: gold matt finish + no MPP logo embossed:

Compare with 763M wheels on an M4 CS: Orbit grey finish + no MPP logo embossed:

M2 CS wheels (source: MY20 M2 Product Guide – Canada or here):
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BMW M Collaborating with Artist FUTURA 2000 on Limited

January 29, 2020

At the Frieze Los Angeles art fair, BMW M will be presenting a comprehensive collaboration with iconic international contemporary artist FUTURA 2000.

Munich. In the wake of the further development of BMW Individual, BMW M GmbH will be presenting its latest collaboration, a multi-tiered project with eminent international contemporary artist FUTURA 2000. The partnership will debut at Frieze Los Angeles 2020. In this collaboration, FUTURA 2000, who is known for his mastery of colour, concentric forms, and kinetic composition, will create three exclusive and unique versions of the BMW M2 Competition (combined fuel consumption: 10.0 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 227 g/km) in his unmistakable style, whilst also designing a limited-edition series of the BMW M2 Competition which is scheduled for public purchase in June 2020. One of the hand-painted BMW M2 by Futura vehicles will celebrate its world premiere at the second Frieze Los Angeles – being held at the Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood from 13 to 16 February.

FUTURA 2000, born Leonard Hilton McGurr, established himself as a pioneer when graffiti met the formal gallery ecosystem in the 1980s. He quickly became known for his radical approach on the street, introducing abstraction to an entirely letter based discipline, and found himself part of a wider art movement that included the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Dondi White. Aside from his decades-long career as a contemporary artist, he has achieved great success as a commercial artist, collaborating with several well-known brands.

With the unique BMW M2 by Futura and the BMW M2 Edition Futura, BMW M GmbH is setting trends both in the high-performance vehicle sector and the art scene.

About Futura 2000

FUTURA 2000, born Leonard Hilton McGurr, became a pioneer when graffiti met the formal gallery ecosystem in the 1980s. Known for his radical approach in the street, he introduced abstraction to an entirely letter-based discipline. His work caught attention in the 1980s, and he found himself as part of a wider art movement that included the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Dondi White. Entirely self-taught in what he calls “the subway school”, FUTURA 2000 has been compared to Kandinsky for his mastery of colour, concentric forms, and kinetic composition—and friends Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, and Rammellzee for his progressiveness and of-the moment dynamism.

Radical then, his methodology can now be viewed over a span of decades as something consummately pure. When compared to many street artists who have come along since its seminal moment in the 1980s New York, FUTURA 2000’s work still stands apart for its subtlety, use of white space, and elemental quality. Insight and proficiency have kept him relevant for 40+ years with no signs of slowing down. He has also achieved great success as a commercial artist, having collaborated with several well-known brands.

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M0010 Build Thread – 2018 M2 LCI 6 Speed

Hi Everyone,

After 2 years of owning my 2018 M2 LCI I thought it was finally time to do a build post. My build which is named M0010 (0010 is 2 in binary) is the most recent and in depth that I have undergone thus far. My vehicular history started with a 2009 VW GTi followed by a 2011 BMW 135i which really instilled my love for BMW and for the N55. After 4 years I made the move to a 2014 BMW M235i, M-POSTER which was the first car I took down the modification rabbit hole. Below is my last post documenting that build from a few years ago.….php?t=1239105

The M2 has been an awesome platform for this build and I have been nothing but happy with over the 26,000 miles since pickup at the Performance Center in South Carolina. Though this is my daily driver and many of the mortification are cosmetic I have built this car with performance in mind as well. Over the last few years the car has been tracked at Palm Beach International Raceway, Daytona, Sebring and Homestead and it has really done well, no major complaints.

Being my 3rd N55 I have become quite familiar with this engine and love the feel, sound and dependability. This made the decision to mod quite easy yet again on this one. Along with the power mods the visual mods came right along with them. Feel free to see the progression from the very beginning as well as follow how the build progresses on my instagram page: @_m0010

Youtube Channel where track day vids are posted:…4ItK5HxDzLGsXQ

Current List of Mods:
-Evolution Racewerks Catless Downpipe
-Evolution Racewerks Chargepipe (brushed finished)
-Evolution Racewerks Turbo to Intercooler Pipe (brushed finish)
-Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake System V2
-CSF F87 M2 High Performance Intercooler
-NKG Spark Plugs SILZKBR8D8S 97506 (Gapped .18)
-Akrapovic Catback Titanium Exhaust
-CG Precision Valve Controller
-GFB DV+ Diverter Valve
-XDI-35 High Pressure Fuel Pump
-3.5 Bar TMAP Sensor
-Cary Jordan Tuned via Bootmod3
-Thor Flasher (GTS Steering, GTS Differential, M2 Competition Traction Control)

Suspension/ Brakes
-BMW M Performance Coilovers
-Bimmer World Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-High Temp Brake Fluid
-Brakes Painted Porsche Guards Red

-AutoSolutions Short Throw Shifter
-Ultimate Clutch Pedal
-Slave Cylinder from E9x, remove Clutch Delay Valve

-IND Distribution Carbon Fiber Grill (Black chrome badge)
-IND Distribution Painted Front Reflector Delete
-Acexxon Honeycomb Rear Reflector Inserts (Matte)
-Bimmian Roundel Vinyl Covers (Black Sapphire Metallic)
-IND Distribution Hood Roundel Painted in Black Chrome
-BMW M Performance Side Winglets
-BMW M Performance Front Winglets
-HRE 300 (Gloss Black Barrel and Lip, Matte Black Face w/ Carbon Fiber Center Caps) Front: 20×9.5 et 31 – 2 inch lip (Medium Offset). Rear: 20×10.5 et 41 – 2 inch lip (Medium Offset)
-Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires- Front: 255 30 20 – Rear 295 30 20
-Automotive Passion Carbon Fiber Arch Guards
-OEM BMW M2 Competition Mirrors w/ Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps
-Sterckenn Carbon Fiber Front Splitter
-KK Automobile Rear Diffuser (DTM Style w/ LED Brake Light)
-Agency Power Carbon Fiber Double Sided CSL Style Trunk (Painted Black Sapphire Metallic)
-IND Distribution Trunk Roundel Painted Black Chrome
-IND Distribution Trunk Emblem Painted Black Chrome
– Goldenwrench Supply Co. Blackline Tail Light Overlay Kit
-BMW Under Door M Light Projectors
-VLEDs LED Reverse Light Bulbs

-Uniden R7 Radar Detector (mounted with blendmount and wiretapped to mirror)
-Escort M1 Dashcam (mounted on the blendmount with the radar)
-IND Distribution Polar Blue Start/ Stop Button
-BMW M Performance Steering Wheel V2 w/ Carbon Fiber Trim
-IND Distribution M Performance Carbon Fiber Shifter w/ Alcantara Boot (blue stiching)
-IND Distribution M Performance Carbon Fiber Parking Brake w/ Alcantara Boot (blue stiching)
-BMW M Performance Stainless Steel Pedals
-Bimmer Masterpieces Extended Knee Rest
-Bimmer Masterpieces Instrument Cluster Cover
-Bimmer Masterpieces Sun Visors
-Bavsound Stage 2 Sound System Upgrade
-Bavsound Upgraded Amplifier
-V Carbon Magnet Phone Mount

Build Spec:
2018 BMW M2 LCI (N55)
6 Speed Manual
Black Sapphire Metallic
Black Leather w/ Blue Stitching
Executive Package

See sound clips below!

Sorry if I missed anything, the list is long and continues to grow.

*Photos below mostly come from a shoot with @kfletcherphotography , give him a follow he does some amazing work!*

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