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Vyper 2.0 | Verde Mantis F80 M3 CP

Some updated pictures. Now sitting on MSS Adjustable Springs and custom Bilstein EDC B6 Dampers.

Original post:

After our Signal Green F80 M3 (Vyper 1.0) met its demise at 2000 miles old we have finally have a suitable replacement.

The car is an individual Verde Mantis (Lamborghini Green) Competition Package with DCT. We have lots of changes planned which will start in the coming weeks. Really happy with the colour its really stunning in person but does need some carbon to contrast with it.

You can also follow the car on Instagram @vyper_m3

Just thought I’d share some pictures whilst its still stock and document the project as we progress.


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BMW’s greatest M car – BMW M3 CSL with *manual gearbox* review (Autocar)


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e46 used to be my favorite m3 but the interior has aged poorly for me :/

prefer the e90 m3 these days

Really? I think the E9x is so much worse. Materials were downgraded and most people opted for the utterly useless navigation which cannot be easily replaced like in E46 such as a Dynavin unit. The center console faces the driver less and in my experience with my E92 there are way more rattles. Otherwise both cars have pretty useless seats.


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Bad idea to replace the transmission of a classic car.
The value can only drop. The CSL was designed for many
reasons with the SMG II.

Normally you would be right in most cases, but that does not apply here. The SMG is in no way sought after and is a liability more than anything. Outside the CSL, values can double in like-for-like cars based on the manual transmission.

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SSR Performance | S55 Keyed CrankHub Fix Full Installation Walkthrough (vid inside!)

Many of you are already very familiar with the spun crank hub (SCH) issue on the S55 engine that comes in the M3 / M4 / M2C. If you happen to be one of the few that isn’t as familiar then fear not, you’re about to learn everything you need to know and more. We won’t be going too in depth on the SCH issue itself (since this forum is already so saturated with this information), but rather we will be focusing on the concept of the keyed crank hub fix and the installation of it.

Although the SCH issue seems to be so prevalent and openly talked about on the forum, it seems there are some questions or gaps to fill in for many when it comes to the process behind implementing / installing a keyed crank hub fix kit on the S55 engine. We went out of our way to create this write up / video demonstration in hopes of changing that!

We hope that this write up / video can help you visualize and understand the concept of the BMW S55 engine keyed crank hub upgrade as well as familiarize you with the core steps and procedures necessary to install it.

Let’s Begin!

The keyed crank hub upgrade is a replacement of your stock crank hub unit with a unit that has two “keys” or “pins” for which 2 holes are drilled into the S55 crankshaft so that upon installation of the crankshaft bolt the new keyed crank hub can be locked into place permanently without a chance of relative rotation to the crankshaft. This allows further insurance against the chance of the crank hub “slipping” or “spinning” and un-syncing the relative angles between the crankshaft and camshafts (this can mean engine failure which will cost upwards of $20,000 to replace or at the very least leave you stranded and un-driveable until the crank hub is replaced and engine is retimed). This SCH failure has been seen on both modified and stock S55 engines. If you are modifying your car, tracking your car, or even driving spiritedly, then upgrading your crank hub is highly recommended.

2015+ BMW F8X M3 / M4 (CS / GTS)
2019+ BMW F87 M2C
And any other variation of BMW models utilizing the S55 engine

Two-Piece Keyed Crank Hub Kit (Maximum PSI used in this example)
OEM Gaskets & Parts Needed
∙ Valve Cover Gasket Set
∙ Front Crank Seal – Crankshaft Seal
∙ Bolt for Timing Chain Sprocket – Intake/Exhaust Camshaft
∙ Cover Seal for Brake Booster Vacuum Pump
∙ Oil Pan Gasket
∙ Engine Oil Pan Bolt Kit (Aluminum)
∙ Coolant / Antifreeze (Blue) (1 Gallon)
∙ Engine Oil – 5W-30 Synthetic (7 Liters)
∙ Oil Filter Kit
∙ Valve Cover R&R (8.2 hours BMW book time)
∙ Oil Pan R&R (8.4 hours BMW book time)
∙ Front Crank Seal R&R (5.6 hours BMW book time)
∙ Drilling Crankshaft (1.5 hours approximated)
∙ Crank Hub R&R w/ proper torquing procedure and retiming engine (1.5 hours approximated)
Total Approximate Labor Hours: 25.2 Hours (BMW specialty tools required)

As already mentioned by a few individuals on this forum, Maximum PSI has discontinued the sales of their two piece keyed crank hub. The main reason for Maximum PSI discontinuing the crank hub was increased production costs and overseas companies copying the design and undercutting Maximum PSI’s prices. It got to the point where Mike, owner of Maximum PSI, decided that profit to effort ratio was no longer valuable enough for them to continue offering the product (just one of the many the difficult decisions business owners are expected to make).

However, the two piece crank hub can still be purchased on SSR Performance’s website. Here is why…

Due to the fact that I have had a close business relationship with Mike over at Maximum PSI since years ago, Mike was kind enough to pass over the information so that we can continue to offer this solution direct from the manufacturing facility that Maximum PSI was working with to produce these.

Mike’s unselfish act has allowed for this solution to still be offered to the end consumer through outlets like us.

With full consent from the owners of Maximum PSI we still offer the same exact solution on our website and it will continue to be available for purchase ONLY while supplies last or until any further notice is given.

This write up / video is for educational / entertainment purposes only. This video is not meant to be a tutorial or instructions on how to replace your S55 engine’s crank hub. This procedure requires specialty tools and S55 engine specific knowledge and therefore should only be performed by a facility that specializes in BMW engines.

Now let’s move onto the fun stuff enjoy



2019 BMW M2 Competition (S55 Engine)

Thanks for watching!

Contact Info: Please feel free to contact us for any questions that you may have!
Phone: (800) 438-2808
Instagram: @SSRperformance (follow us to stay updated!)
590 W Freedom Ave Orange, CA 92865 (open by appointment)

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2011 e92 M3 color change from Night Blue to Marina Bay Blue Individual

I purchased the car in June 2010 with individual night blue exterior over individual rust brown interior and was initially very satisfied with the color choices. Over time, I have become dissatisfied with the night blue as it appears to be black most of the time. The car has to be very clean and in bright sunshine for the deep blue to be visible.

This is a link to my first post re the car in 2010.

As I wished to keep the car because of its excellent condition and the normally aspirated V8, I decided on a color change. Also, the F82 M4 did not interest me because of the turbocharged 6 and its styling.

When the new M5 was introduced with the marina bay blue color, I decided to have a restoration level paint job done in that color.

Attached are images displaying the original night blue, disassembly, primer stage, finished paint prior to polishing, and the final product.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the result.

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