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M2 Competition full race build

M2 build

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M2 Competition full race build


2020 M2 competition I’m building.
I have most of the car stripped minus dash.
Build will include full race suspension, carbon fenders, doors, hood, trunk, roof and fenders. Full roll cage, stoptech, pfc pads, mcs 4way and much more.

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Vyper 2.0 | Verde Mantis F80 M3 CP

Some updated pictures. Now sitting on MSS Adjustable Springs and custom Bilstein EDC B6 Dampers.

Original post:

After our Signal Green F80 M3 (Vyper 1.0) met its demise at 2000 miles old we have finally have a suitable replacement.

The car is an individual Verde Mantis (Lamborghini Green) Competition Package with DCT. We have lots of changes planned which will start in the coming weeks. Really happy with the colour its really stunning in person but does need some carbon to contrast with it.

You can also follow the car on Instagram @vyper_m3

Just thought I’d share some pictures whilst its still stock and document the project as we progress.


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UFGTRS 2019 M2 competition build- 1 Year Journey

2019 M2 Competition, BSM, DCT.

Special thanks to Ryan @IND, Ken Mori @ Dent Dominator, Mike @ Midwest Premier Transport, Britney @ BMWPARTSPROS, Ahmed @ VividRacing, and getbmwparts for helping me with my build.


HRE R101 LW F: 19X9.5 R: 19 X10. Stone clear.
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S F: 255/35/19 R: 275/35/19
M performance carbon fiber hood
M performance CF Trunk
M performance CF fenders
M Performance CF winglets
M CF Front Splitter
RKP CF roof
M performance CF mirror caps.
M performance CF rear diffuser
IND Front painted reflectors
Acexxon F87 M2 Rear Reflector Insert Set (Honeycomb)
IND keyhole cover
OE blackline taillights
Pinnacle Stratos 40 tint

M performance carbon fiber engine cover
Akrapovic evolution exhaust

Uniden R7 hardwired/blend-mount
M performance pedal set
M Performance Carbon + Alcantara Interior Kit
IND M1/M2 matte red SW button
M matte CF steering wheel trim
IND floor mat set
IND Alcantara/blue stitch knee pad
IND Alcantara stitched armrest

It’s been almost one year since I purchased my 2019 BSM M2C. My initial plan was to not modify the car except for possibly an exhaust and other minor modifications, as I think the car is already excellent from the factory, but unforeseen events changed all of that.

One of the interesting points of this journey began with me flying to Appleton Wisconsin on January 25th, 2019 to purchase a 2012 M3 competition. I sold my 2013 E92 M3 in August of 2018 and regretted that decision immediately, so I searched for a replacement and located a Melbourne Red E92 in Wisconsin. I flew to Appleton to purchase the car with a plan to drive it back to Raleigh North Carolina. Upon inspection however, I was not happy with the condition of the car and decided not to buy it. The dealer had two new 2018 M2s that were nicely discounted and sitting at the front entrance, but I had seen the M2 competition at the LA auto Show in December and was thinking of doing European delivery in the summer on a M2C. I asked my CA, “do you have any M2 competitions?” At that point, I was already searching on Expedia for a flight home. He said, “I may have one,” as he searched through his inventory sheet. I didn’t think he would have one as I didn’t see any on the lot and the M2Cs were hard to find. He confirmed that he had one; I remember asking, “is it here or en route?” with excitement. He pulled the car into the service bay; it was covered in snow, a fully optioned black DCT M2C with black competition wheels. It was also discounted to my surprise, so I decided to buy it. I completed the paperwork and was out the door in about an hour.

Name:  IMG_0369.jpg
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It was blistering cold in Wisconsin with temperatures in the -15 to -3 degree range as the northern polar vortex was afflicting the entire region. I began my drive back to Raleigh and encountered heavy snow in Indiana on summer tires (Yikes!!!!!). I was barely able to reach the parking lot of a hotel that luckily had availability. I spent the night and completed a fun uneventful drive the next day.

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Fast forward to the afternoon of Monday May 13th, we were hit by what was described as a microburst of activity, bringing with it what felt like 60+ MPH wind and baseball size hail. My M2 Competition was destroyed; hood, roof, A + C pillars, doors, quarter panels. I was hoping for a replacement but insurance would not total it.

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Ken Mori, owner of dent dominator, did an amazing job by removing all of the hail damage on the fenders, trunk, doors, A+C pillars and the rear quarters, with plans to replace the hood and roof. Needing to replace the hood and roof, and seeing the fantastic work IND has done for our cars and community, I decided to go all in and despite having the fenders and trunk repaired, I shipped my car to IND to have the BMW carbon fiber hood, CF trunk, and CF fenders painted and installed, along with the RKP carbon fiber roof.

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RG Sport BMW F97 X3M Competition Build (Picture Heavy!!!)

As you guys may know, late October 2019, I took delivery of 2020 BMW F97 X3M Competition in Donington Grey with Sakhir Orange Interior.

Within a week, I have RaceChip GTS Black installed and HRE P101SC in Brushed Bronze wrapped in Toyo Tires Proxes Sport.

It was all done for RaceChip’s SEMA 2019 Booth.

Loved the car since I saw it in person at Bimmerfest 2019 in May.

Test drove 3-4 of them during ///M Town and local dealership.

While color combination wise, I fell in love with Donington Grey Metallic since the first time I was it on F85 X5M. It is the best color after Toronto Red.

I was debating so hard between the two, but since I am going to have Sakhir Orange interior, I can’t have bright interior with bright exterior.

So, Donington Grey Metallic / Sakhir Orang it is.

Close to 90 days later, another 100+ hp on top of the stock and 2400 miles on the clock.

It still gives me a big smile everytime I drive it.

Here is detail of my car with the mods up to today.

2020 BMW F97 X3M Competition in Donington Grey Metallic exterior / Sakhir Orang interior.


– RaceChip GTS Black with App

HRE_Wheels HRE P101SC in Brushed Bronze – 21×9.5 / 21×11

– Toyo Tires Proxes Sport – 255/40-21 / 295/35-21

– BavSound StageOne and GhostWoofer speaker upgrade

– Evolution Racewerks Catless Primary Downpipe

– AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Paddle Shifter

– AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber / Alcantara Steering Wheel Trim

– AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Gear Shifter Trim

– RG Sport Painted Front Bumper Reflector

– Charcoal filter delete

– ASD Unplugged

– Coding

Anyway, enough with rambling, here are the specs, pictures and enjoy.

Delivery day.
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Straight to HRE Wheels for wheel measurement.

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First mod before the wheels are ready.

H&R Spacer 12mm on Passenger side.
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H&R Spacer 15mm on Driver side.
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HRE Wheels to Stock 21″ weight comparison.

Stock Front with Continental – 64.5LBS
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Stock Rear with Continental – 68.5LBS
Name:  IMG_0272.jpg
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HRE P101SC Front with Toyo Proxes Sport – 52LBS
Name:  IMG_0271.jpg
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HRE P101SC Rear with Toyo Proxes Sport – 60.4LBS
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SEMA Show 2019

– Prep Day
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– At the Show
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AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Paddle Shifter with Carbon Fiber / Alcantara Steering Wheel Trim.
Name:  IMG_0393.jpg
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AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Gear Shifter Trim
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Name:  IMG_0570.jpg
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Dyno Session #1 – RaceChip GTS Black at Map 7 on California 91RON Gas.

Result is 510whp/500wtq on Mustang Dyno. Estimated 619hp at the crank.

Stock exhaust video with RaceChip GTS Black at map 7.

Stock exhaust with Evolution Racewerks Catless Primary downpipe and RaceChip GTS Black at map 7.

Next mod in line:

– Suspension – Waiting on H&R or Eibach or KW Suspension or MSS

– Exhaust – Remus RemusUSA or Akrapovic

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BM3 Initial Review and Stage 1 + 2 Dragy Testing

i have some Dragy testing data I wanted to share with everyone from doing some BM3 beta testing on my M5. I had bootmod3 on my F80 M3 Comp for 2 years and I really liked the platform. I have used a lot of tuners/ tuning platforms in the last 15 years ranging from old school EEPROM burns to ProEFI and Syvecs full standalone ECUs.

Things that brought me back to BM3 second time around:

Internal Logging – anyone who’s custom remote tuned before knows logging is a PITA. you go out do a pull, connect to the device, pull the log, email the log to tuner, wait for revision. in BM3 you just double click to start and double click to stop and the log sits on the cloud and can be viewed by you and your tuner or shared with car buddies via link. Viewing/ Trimming the logs is very easy and clean too, can be done on computer or mobile. You click on the fields to show/hide them to make log easier to read.

after log is complete, you can label it to keep track of what it corresponds to, so that you can easily go back and compare to previous ones.

Fast Flashing – the initial flash takes about 5-6 minutes all in because it has to do the ECU unlocks and there are 2 ECUs in this car. The subsequent map change flashes take 2-3 minutes, again dual ECUs. Both are fast, so changing between 93 and E30 is quick at a gas station.

Below you can see all the maps I have tested for Pump gas for example. They are all available for me to flash unless deleted.

OBD WiFi Agent – this feature is awesome. Allows to log and flash using my cell phone, without needing a laptop. A good thing for someone looking to jump back and forth between pump and race fuel maps. Lately I have only been using this to log and flash.

User Adjustments – I haven’t played with this in the M5 yet, but I used to in my M3. I would go in the settings and easily turn boost down in 1st and 2nd gears in the winter time for better traction. Things like turning cold start on and off are easy to do also.

I’ve had the M5 for about 2 months now and the best i got out of stock was a 10.84@127.5 MPH at the track with a crazy fast 1.59 60ft. Best It would do on the street was 11.1 with passenger 11.0 without around 125-126 MPH. The rest of my testing was done on the street. I have done stock, stage 1 93, stage 1 E30 and stage 2 E30 with catless primaries and secondaries.

So 10.45 @ 134.8 MPH and a 60-130 of 6.82 was the best I was able to get on completely stock hardware and just tune changes. It’s cold up here so I was struggling with consistency on launching the car, sometimes it would work, sometimes it it would just shut the lc down form wheel spin. I swapped the summers out for Michelin AS3+ 285/35/20 all around and now I’m cutting consistent 1.62 – 1.65 60fts in the cold. I also swapped all 4 downpipes to ER catless ones. I was originally only going to do the primaries, but after talking to several guys it seemed like all the faster cars had all 4 done. My friend had a set of lowers, so I bought them from him and put them on last weekend. The job took me about 5.5 hours, but doing it again I think I could do it in 3.5-4 hours.

And the result is new PB of 10.21 @136.xx and new 60-130 PB of 6.49, 0-60MPH in 2.56 with no roll out and 2.37 with 1-ft rollout which is how the magazines time these.

Now were are still in the process of finalizing the stage 2 tune, I am hoping to maybe see 10.1x from it and low 6s 60-130.

1/24/2020 UPDATE: Slight improvement to 60-130 on V2 E30 Beta file

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Gauging interest: Street registered M4s that can easily beat GT3RS’ at M4GTS cost

Hi BMW Fans,

As many of you know, I am a M4GTS owner that has been extensively modifying my car to make it faster on the race track. I have always believed that the street legal track car standard is the Porsche GT3RS and I must admit that any form of the BMW M4 including the GTS is miles away from the GT3RS. Yes, the M4 is much cheaper than a GT3RS but there is no amount of bolt on modifications that will make the M4 perform on the level of the GT3RS; however, I have a solution! First, I would like to give an introduction about myself.

My name is Yufeng or you can just call me Y. I have been a professional race car driver for a number of years racing all over world in various formula car and GT championships. Throughout my racing career, I have noticed that the teams and personnel at the pinnacle of motorsport rarely have an interest to offer their knowledge and services to street cars. If just a small amount of race engineering went into a street car, it might be able to go substantially faster on a race track. The truth is, a properly set up race car is much easier and enjoyable to drive at speed than a street car. I want to give fellow street car owners the opportunity to feel the sensation of driving a properly engineered race car without losing the ability to drive their cars on the street. To fulfill that ambition, I started YMS.

YMS is a Los Angeles based professional race engineering outfit that specializes in designing and building street registered track cars. Our technical director Ricardo Divila is officially the most experienced race car designer and engineer in the world. Some of his achievements include designing numerous Formula 1 cars, engineering two Formula 1 World Championships, technical director at Nissan Motorsports (Nismo) from 1996-2012, designing all the Nissan Skyline and GTR race cars, and engineering the Nissan GTR Nismo Nurburgring lap record. Our shop manager/chief mechanic used to manage the biggest Lamborghini Super Trofeo team in the world and orchestrated 3 Lamborghini Super Trofeo World Championships titles in a row. We apply the same philosophy used in professional motorsport to every job from a simple suspension overhaul all the way to frame up builds.

We are currently taking a BMW M4 and a brand new Toyota Supra, stripping them down to the frame, and turning them into track day specials that can be daily driven on the street. We are considering doing a small production run for these cars and trying to see how many people would be interested in owning OEM quality street registered track cars that can beat GT4 race cars on track. The cars have a base mechanical design and the rest can be spec’d in any way desired. The base price of the cars will be much less than entry level super cars and the cars will also come with warranties.

Design Philosophy
1. Car need to appear, function, and feel OEM
2. Car need to be possible to daily drive on the street
3. Car will generate most the lap time through the suspension and weight reduction
4. Price point must be much lower than a entry level super car

1. FIA roll cage
2. Lightened vehicle frame
3. All deflection points removed
4. Optional air jacks

1. OEM dash, center console, and carpet retained
2. Carbon fiber interior panels
3. Optional A/C and radio
4. FIA standard bucket seats with 6 point harnesses
*optional Formula 1 style seat insert custom made for driver*
5. Interior can be spec’d in any configuration expect for safety equipment
6. Optional carbon fiber dash and center console

1. Fully adjustable
2. Motorsport dampers (2 way, 3 way, 4 way)
3. Lightened suspension assembly
4. Optimized suspension geometry

1. M4GTS or GT4 front splitter with scrape protection
2. M240Ir or GT4 rear wing
3. M4 GT4 hood
4. Optional carbon fiber fenders
5. Optional carbon fiber trunk
6. Optional carbon fiber doors
7. Optional lightweight glass
8. Optional aero optimized under tray

1. Dual clutch or manual transmission
2. Motorsport differential
3. Optimized final drive
4. Optional cooling ducts
5. Optional coolers

1. Optimized steering geometry
2. OEM electronic power steering
3. OEM, aftermarket, or formula style steering wheel
4. Optional custom steering position

1. Unrestricted OEM engine with custom calibration
2. Light weight exhaust with motorsport mufflers
*Exhaust can be optioned in titanium or inconel*

1. Motorsport battery
2. Optional M4 GT4 electronics package
3. Optional motorsport ABS/traction control
4. Optional fire suppression system

1. Motorsport system
2. Optional manual pedal box with brake bias control

1. 18×11 motorsport wheels front and rear

Please let me know your thoughts and follow us on Instagram @ymotorsport to keep up with progress. Thank you!

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