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X3M X4M gets iDrive 7 starting April

From Bimmertoday (German)


Last autumn, the iDrive system in BMW X3 G01 and X4 G02 was brought to the current OS 7.0 without much ado, and now the M models F97 and F98 are following: From April 2020, the power SUV BMW X3 M and X4 M a major infotainment update. As with the 5 Series, the facelift is not waited for, instead the changeover is carried out without any noticeable changes as a model maintenance measure with the new model year.

In addition to the new iDrive technology on the infotainment display, the change to OS 7.0 also means a new look for the instrument display. We can already guess what the display behind the steering wheel will look like from the example of the big brothers X5 M and X6 M. Our little graphic gimmick already shows the displays there with the logo of the BMW X3 M, because apart from the model designation, the X3 M and X4 M are likely to continue to use the digital speedometers of the big brothers. It remains to be seen whether the two power SUVs will also receive the new M setup logic that was introduced with the M8.

The objectively more important changes, however, take place on the central infotainment display, where the BMW Live Cockpit ConnectedDrive ensures that the tile design of the previously installed system is abandoned. Also completely new is the voice control, which can be activated with the push of a button using “Hey BMW”. The activation word BMW can also be replaced by any other word if the driver would like to address the digital assistant with a different name.

Various pads with live content can be placed relatively freely on the large infotainment display, so that each customer can adapt the system to their own preferences. Just like before, all functions can be controlled both by iDrive controller and by touching the touch screen. Gesture control is also available for some other functions, which works with simple hand movements in the area in front of the display.

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RG Sport BMW F97 X3M Competition Build (Picture Heavy!!!)

As you guys may know, late October 2019, I took delivery of 2020 BMW F97 X3M Competition in Donington Grey with Sakhir Orange Interior.

Within a week, I have RaceChip GTS Black installed and HRE P101SC in Brushed Bronze wrapped in Toyo Tires Proxes Sport.

It was all done for RaceChip’s SEMA 2019 Booth.

Loved the car since I saw it in person at Bimmerfest 2019 in May.

Test drove 3-4 of them during ///M Town and local dealership.

While color combination wise, I fell in love with Donington Grey Metallic since the first time I was it on F85 X5M. It is the best color after Toronto Red.

I was debating so hard between the two, but since I am going to have Sakhir Orange interior, I can’t have bright interior with bright exterior.

So, Donington Grey Metallic / Sakhir Orang it is.

Close to 90 days later, another 100+ hp on top of the stock and 2400 miles on the clock.

It still gives me a big smile everytime I drive it.

Here is detail of my car with the mods up to today.

2020 BMW F97 X3M Competition in Donington Grey Metallic exterior / Sakhir Orang interior.


– RaceChip GTS Black with App

HRE_Wheels HRE P101SC in Brushed Bronze – 21×9.5 / 21×11

– Toyo Tires Proxes Sport – 255/40-21 / 295/35-21

– BavSound StageOne and GhostWoofer speaker upgrade

– Evolution Racewerks Catless Primary Downpipe

– AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Paddle Shifter

– AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber / Alcantara Steering Wheel Trim

– AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Gear Shifter Trim

– RG Sport Painted Front Bumper Reflector

– Charcoal filter delete

– ASD Unplugged

– Coding

Anyway, enough with rambling, here are the specs, pictures and enjoy.

Delivery day.
Name:  IMG_0148.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0149.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0151.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0155.jpg
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Straight to HRE Wheels for wheel measurement.

Name:  IMG_0157.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0154.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0153.jpg
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First mod before the wheels are ready.

H&R Spacer 12mm on Passenger side.
Name:  F97X3M_12_1.jpg
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Name:  F97X3M_12_3.jpg
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Name:  F97X3M_12_4.jpg
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Name:  F97X3M_12_5.jpg
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H&R Spacer 15mm on Driver side.
Name:  F97X3M_15_1.jpg
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Name:  F97X3M_15_3.jpg
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Name:  F97X3M_15_4.jpg
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HRE Wheels to Stock 21″ weight comparison.

Stock Front with Continental – 64.5LBS
Name:  IMG_0270.jpg
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Stock Rear with Continental – 68.5LBS
Name:  IMG_0272.jpg
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HRE P101SC Front with Toyo Proxes Sport – 52LBS
Name:  IMG_0271.jpg
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HRE P101SC Rear with Toyo Proxes Sport – 60.4LBS
Name:  IMG_0273.jpg
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SEMA Show 2019

– Prep Day
Name:  IMG_0302.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0304.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0306.jpg
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– At the Show
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Name:  IMG_0352.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0370.jpg
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AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Paddle Shifter with Carbon Fiber / Alcantara Steering Wheel Trim.
Name:  IMG_0393.jpg
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AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Gear Shifter Trim
Name:  IMG_0567.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0570.jpg
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Dyno Session #1 – RaceChip GTS Black at Map 7 on California 91RON Gas.

Result is 510whp/500wtq on Mustang Dyno. Estimated 619hp at the crank.

Stock exhaust video with RaceChip GTS Black at map 7.

Stock exhaust with Evolution Racewerks Catless Primary downpipe and RaceChip GTS Black at map 7.

Next mod in line:

– Suspension – Waiting on H&R or Eibach or KW Suspension or MSS

– Exhaust – Remus RemusUSA or Akrapovic

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AC Schnitzer tuning kit and aero parts for X3M

AC Schnitzer is about to launch a tuning kit for X3 M (600 hp performance, springs, wheels, spoiler, carbon parts, etc.). I am not sure about the availability in the US, but they do have a representative in Miami.…x3-m-to-591bhp

AC Schnitzer takes BMW X3 M to 591bhp

German tuning house offers visual tweaks and extra power for BMW’s performance SUV

Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -12.jpg
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As you can imagine given our recent review, the best method for improving BMW’s X3 M would be to melt everything down and turn it into a different car entirely, but for those more inclined to modify, AC Schnitzer’s new line of components might be of interest.

Central to the changes is a performance upgrade for the 3-litre straight-six, though AC Schnitzer also offers components for the suspension, styling and interior, as well as a couple of new wheel and tyre packages.

As standard, the X3 M’s six-pot – it will also arrive in the next-gen BMW M3 and M4 – makes 503bhp at 6250rpm. The relative ease of extracting performance from turbocharged engines means Schnitzer has been able to take this up to 591bhp, which should in theory drop the standard 4.1sec 0-62mph time under four seconds.

Putting this power to the ground is a set of either AC1 or AC2-design alloy wheels, the former being 20 inches in diameter and the latter a full 22 inches. The smaller option comes wrapped in 255/45 and 265/45 tyres front and rear, with the 22s and their nine-inch width coming with 265/35s up front and 275/35s on the back axle.

Further altering the car’s stance is AC Schnitzer’s spring kit, trimming 20-25mm from the ride height at both ends of the car. Hopefully this won’t exacerbate the X3 M’s startlingly poor ride quality, nor put some of Schnitzer’s new aero components at risk. Available exterior parts include a front splitter, a small rear wing installed within the existing spoiler, and protective film for the rear skirt.

Interior changes are modest, focusing on Schnitzer’s usual aluminium components: a set of pedals, a footrest cover, a keyholder and an iDrive controller cover, plus perhaps the most welcome change, a set of new gearshift paddles to replace BMW’s usual plastic items.

Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -12.jpg
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Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -15.jpg
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Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -16.jpg
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Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -8.jpg
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Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -7.jpg
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Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -3.jpg
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Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -5.jpg
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Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -6.jpg
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Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -2.jpg
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Name:  BMW X3 M AC Schnitzer -4.jpg
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Base vs. Competition X3M comparison

Base vs. Competition X3M comparison

For those of you interested. I’ve been trying to figure out if the if there is any difference in the suspensions between the Base X3M and the Competition model. Luckily fortune smiled on me and I was able to do a pretty thorough comparison.

So two local dealers both got base X3Ms with 21’s and X3M Competitions with 21s. I did back-to-back test drives at both dealerships over the past two weeks (taking advantage of the 50 degree plus weather we’ve had here in NJ so I don’t slide around on rock-hard summer tires). Exact same roads/routes on both set of drives, so this was a really good comparison.

There is definitely a difference (not massive, but noticeable) between the suspension setups on the base vs. comp models. While it is certainly possible that the actual suspension components are the same, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a difference in the software tuning of the adaptive shocks between the two cars. Having had the Dinan Shockware software flash on my ’17 340i Adaptive Suspension package car proves what a difference a simple software change can make to a BMW Adaptive suspension’s feel/performance

I’m comparing “comfort” mode on both vehicles here as that is mode I’d need to be in 80%+ of the time in order to keep some degree of comfort on the crappy NJ roads I drive daily.

On both set of test drives, I noticed that on small, rapid sets of bumps/undulations the Comp car seemed to “crash” over the bumps and really bounced me and the passenger around much more. It felt like the car was riding over the bumps as opposed to absorbing them. It makes for a very jittery and unsettled ride. Frankly, there is no excuse for this kind of behavior out of a BMW as they know how to make a car firm yet compliant. You could actually hear the impacts more in the Comp car as well. Surprisingly, the Comp models “Sport” mode seemed to handle small undulations better. Yes it was firmer, but Sport seemed to take the edges off the impacts slightly better. Weird. Sadly I couldn’t stand driving around a Comp model in Sport all day, but maybe those of you with smoother roads could.

I asked my CAs to pay attention to how they felt going over the same set of bumpy roads to help me see if I was being crazy or not. They both agreed unprompted that the base model seemed to handle the bumps better and that they felt the bumps much more in the Comp model. They also said that they felt they were being tossed around more in the Comp. I had a backseat passenger too at one of the dealerships (Genius was really interested in seeing if there was a difference between the two models) and she said that the ride in the 2nd row was much more unpleasant in the Comp model.

One thing I did notice (and which supports the Car and Driver quote about the anti-roll bars being thicker on the Comp models) is that initial turn-in on the Comp felt quicker/more responsive than the base to me. One of my test drives lets me take some really high-speed (like 60+ MPH – might have actually taken one long turn at 90) country back road sweepers and the improved turn-in of the Comp was easily felt. This actually made the steering feel a bit better/more responsive on the Comp as well. I felt more comfortable pushing the Comp through high speed turns as long as the roads were smooth. If there was any roughness/bumps to the turns, the Base model felt noticeably more stable due to the better damping. The Comp got a bit “skittery” on me on one high speed (50+) bumpy turn, which really shook my confidence in the vehicle. Proof that ultra firm is not always the best choice for handling.

I also quickly found out that the “Economy” throttle response mode is crap on either model. Put it in Sport if you want proper throttle response. It completely wakes the car up and almost makes it feel like they put a different engine into the car.

One other item if you care about 2nd row passenger space/legroom. The M Sport seats are definitely thicker than the base Sport seats in the Base model. I intentionally drove a second base model at one dealership just to see if I liked the base seat better than the M Sport (standard in the Comp, upgrade on the Base). After my drives I always get into the back seat to see how much legroom I have. For reference, I’m 6′ 1.5″ with fairly long legs and drive in a fairly proper “racing” position (seat back fairly upright, legs relatively straight, wrists rest on the top of the steering wheel while keeping my back against the seatback). With the base seats, I still had about 1.5″ of clearance before my knees hit the back of the front seat. With the M Sport seats, my knees were just touching the back of the front seat. While it is possible that I was in slightly difference driving positions as the seats are different, bottom line is that it looks the base seats in the Base model will net about 1-1.5″ of additional legroom. They are also softer cushioned and the seat bottom is wider (if you’ve got a big ass – stick with the base on a Base model).

If I could get the ventilation, I’d probably stick with the base seat on a Base X3M just for the additional 2nd row legroom, but I really liked the support/feel of the M Sport seat. Plus the leather is nicer and you can get the ventilation option, which I love. Maybe I can find a way to change the driving position a bit to get a bit more legroom for the rugrats in the back.

So right now, I’m leaning towards a base X3M with the upgraded M Sport seats. I’m curious if BMW will address the ride quality criticisms with the 2021 model. If they improved the “Comfort” suspension setting on the Comp, I’d definitely go that route.

I’ll definitely miss the better exhaust note of the Comp (yes, it is noticeably meaner/louder) but the power difference is negligible and can easily be solved with a tune. Ditto for the exhaust and black grilles and such – easily fixed problems, though they basically eliminate the cost savings of getting a Base model.

Overall, I felt really comfortable driving the X3M and am astounded with how much raw performance is available in an SUV. This really does feel like a jacked-up M3. Yes, you do still feel the weight and high center of gravity when pushing the car (compared to a coupe/sedan), but only folks with a lot of driving experience will really notice. I’d love to drive an M Drivers’ package car to see if the weight loss of the sunroof would make the car feel even better. It certainly couldn’t hurt, but not sure if I would really notice it shy of a racetrack setting when really pushing the car.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading my novel. . .

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2020 X3M – Bootmod3 S58 OTS Stage 1 +100whp 551WHP 93, 579WHP E30 = 630-667HP (Crank)

2020 X3M – Bootmod3 S58 OTS Stage 1 +100whp 551WHP 93, 579WHP E30 = 630-667HP (Crank)

@protuningfreaks Bootmod3 – S58 – OTS Stage 1 beta map results on this 2020 X3M.
Gains are awesome and show some really amazing potential on this new platform!


STOCK 93: 459whp 429wtq

STAGE 1 93: 551whp 532wtq

STAGE 1 E30: 579whp 572wtq

Thank you to @aimperformancenj for having fun with us testing out #bootmod3 software👊👊

+100whp on just a reflash on Stage 1 93 octane so far

+120whp on Stage1 E30

2.96 0-60mph time with 0 slope on @dragy_motorsports GPS device Verified

I’ll be posting my friend’s new 2020 X3 M40i (B58-T0) result in a different thread next.

Last edited by FSociety; 12-18-2019 at 08:01 PM..

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Drag Race – X3M Competition vs F-Pace SVR


Originally Posted by e90335e36m3

Love the “if the X3M used launch control” replies. Convenient that when the result isn’t quite what we expected we are quick to blame some aspect of the set up, like track set up or use of LC. LC is always controversial with many saying it’s complete garbage. If they had used it and the outcome was exactly the same people would be blaming the LC.

As much bc as we want the X3M to annihilate every competitor, it didn’t, let’s just live with it for what it is.

Considering Jag has 550 hp and 502 torque, with a similar weight to X3M (within 50 lbs I think), it should have won…

Car and Driver breaks it down here, the numbers don’t lie, compared to the X3M it makes perfect sense. 0-60 was 4.1 (X3M would have been 3.3 with LC and destroyed it off the line), BUT the rolling start is 4.4 and they tested the X3MC at 4.6 which explains why the SVR won off the line (LC was not used) but the X3MC still catches up in the full 1/4 mile. many have tested the X3MC at under 12 seconds when using LC (including magazines), while the article below shows SVR best time at 12.4.…r-first-drive/

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